For Immediate Release | November 28, 2016

The Foundation for Human Rights Intiative (FHRI), condemns the arbitrary killings in Kasese and calls for the timely investigation and prosecution of the perpetrators without bias.

The Constitutional duty of the state is to protect persons and their property. Civil society acting together with other actors including religious leaders are concerned about the ongoing clashes and unrest reported in the Rwenzori region, particularly in Kasese district. The violence that occurred over this weekend has led to countless deaths, destruction to property, internal displacement and segregation within the Rwenzori Region.

Needless to mention, some members of the Rwenzururu cultural leadership in that region have been arrested. “FHRI also calls upon the Government to address the underlying causes of the unrest: issues like marginalization, poverty and impunity, access to land,” says Dr Livingstone Sewanyana, the Executive Director Foundation For Human Rights Intiative.

The post February 18th 2016 engagements between various stakeholders including civil society, religious leaders, political parties and the people of the Rwenzori demonstrated the people’s desire to live in peace and harmony. These efforts are rendered ineffective with such sporadic actions that cause massive loss of life and property.

All parties involved must restrain themselves from actions of violence because the future that they all desire will not be built by bloodshed and lawlessness but by genuine efforts at peace. Parties must at this stage therefore commit to resolving the conflict nonviolently, while protecting human lives and property.

We urge the Government to conduct a public hearing in Kasese to uncover the underlying causes of the conflict and release reports of previous probes to the public.

For God and my Country

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