By Crispy Kaheru

This being a completely ‘new’ register, the Electoral Commission should have taken a lot more precaution to ensure that it is clean and accurate. It would defeat the whole purpose of transiting to a new register if it the new register is found to have the underage, ghosts, or foreigners.

It is very disheartening that there are people who registered themselves under the national ID registration and confirmed their registration status during the update and display of that national register and now, they are not on the register. This raises fresh questions around the credibility of this new register.

The alleged 15,277,196 voters figure may not be logically convincing considering the Ugandans demographics.

It is critical that the EC widely publicizes the voters’ register in order to ensure that the public scrutinizes it further. Should it be found that many people are not on the register, the EC should find it fitting to open up the process at least for one week so that those who are not on the register are able to get on.

Admittedly, there seems to be a looming problem arising out of the voters register and if the problem is not conclusively resolved, it risks messing up the entire election.

The writer is the coordinator, Citizens Coalition for Electoral Democracy. (CCEDU)