By Faridah Lule

The 10th parliament will have to learn from the mistakes of the 9th parliament.

Ugandans tried all they could to advise members of [Parliament on all the bills that were introduced by the executive arm of government. Different stakeholders submitted proposals on how best the new proposed bills can be put right, but all this fell on a deaf ear because of numbers.

Its high time members of Parliament appreciate why they were elected, priority on agenda should be to represent the people of Uganda and not the executive as it is today.

They should pay attention to details when the bill is before them, at this moment, tax payers will have to suffer the burden of paying costs to the Kampala district representative Hon. Naggayi Nabillah Sempala if court decides to rule in favor of the petitioner, considering his plea to nullify the just concluded elections.

One of the voters Odonga Alex petitioned the constitutional court seeking redress on the elections of the woman representative. He cites section 8(1) of the parliamentary elections Act, 2005 saying it’s unconstitutional they way it is this section provides for a woman representative in parliament for every city and yet the constitution of Uganda does not provide for a woman representative for a city.

Since the constitution is the supreme law of Uganda and shall have the binding force on all authorities and persons throughout Uganda. The attorney general, being the adviser, should have cited this lacuna before introducing the bill to the August house, if any law or any custom is inconsistent with any of the provisions of this constitution the constitution shall prevail, and that other law or custom shall to the extent of inconsistency be void.

Section 6 of KCCA Act 2010 is in contravention and inconsistent with article 2(1) and 2(2) of the constitution. As we speak another Ugandan has petitioned the constitutional court challenging different sections in the KCCA Act. Why do we act on impulse?

Should Parliament hurry to pass laws as if the world is coming to an end? Why are bills treated as do or die as soon as they are in the House?

Without thinking twice, the government in power should stop the business of treating Uganda as NRM property; this country belongs to our grand children and us.

There is a saying that’’ Be wise today so you don’t cry tomorrow, ” Nabilah had an opportunity to advise government when they were discussing the KCCA bill, if she had put her mind to the needs of her constituency this issue shouldn’t have risen now, the tax payer has already spent a lot of money on the elections of woman representative Kampala district.

The petitioner relies on the first schedule of the constitution, which is the supreme law of the land as evidence to his argument. This oversight is a lesson to all us that we should not take this nation for a ride we have to move on but steadily, at this date and era we are still fighting back and forth on laws yet countries are upgrading to a modernized and democratic world. Why is it that Uganda is grappling with amending the constitution every year instead of paying attention to problems that are facing the country?

My simple advice to the new Parliament is that you will be sworn in anytime after 19th May, at the back of your mind have it, that there is little expectation from the 10th Parliament, therefore start on a good note and end on a good note.

The 10th parliament should design its hypothesis to disapprove the mindset of us all, come 2021 you will be put on a weighing scale.

Our legislators are always in a hurry to pass and execute, we hope they can pick a leaf from how nature unfolds, slowly yet accomplishing lots.

The writer is a regional coordinator, Buganda region, for Citizens Election Observer Network Uganda. (CEON-U)