On 12th July, 2012 CCEDU deployed a team of ten CCEDU
members to observe the Bukoto South by-elections. According to the CCEDU observer team, the election was largely free and fair. However some of the notable draw-backs included: names missing from the voters register, unavailability of voting material at some polling stations and the excessive deployment of police in some of the urban areas.

CCEDU released a post-election statement giving an overview of the conduct of the Bukoto-South by-election. CCEDU also proposed timely voter education as well as strategic electoral law reform as potential interventions to improve future elections. Contestants included Mathias Nsubuga of Democratic Party (DP); Alintuma Nsambu of National Resistance Movement (NRM); Julius Sentamu of Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) and Daniel Katura Mubiru- Independent.

Mathias Nsubuga of Democratic Party (DP) emerged winner with over 1,400 votes against his opponents. Voter turn-out at this by-election was rated at 58%.