In Butambala on 12th September 2012 CCEDU deployed another observer mission to Butambala County. The contestants in this race included: NRM’s Kikulukunyu Faisal Ssali, DP’s Muwanga Kivumbi Muhammad, UFA’s Tomusange Ibrahim, as well as independent candidates, Ssentongo Sharif Nambale and Walungama Farouk. DP’s Muwanga Kivumbi Muhammad emerged winner with 14,764 against his biggest opponent NRM’s Kikulukunyu Faisal Ssali with 12,792 Votes.

The CCEDU observer mission expressed concern on the increasing deployment of un-uniformed and unidentified security personnel at polling stations as witnessed across most polling stations in Butambala.

Returns filed by the CCEDU observers indicated that these by-elections were largely free and fair. However some of the notable draw-backs included: names missing from the voter’s register, unavailability of voting material at some polling stations and the excessive deployment of police in some of the urban areas.  CCEDU also proposed timely voter education as well as strategic electoral law reform as potential interventions to improve future elections.