By Eddie Ssemakula

Election time came and went, words were traded, ballots were cast, some ballot papers, as we came to realize, couldn’t make their way into the box, reason? their destination arrived late. So what have you been up to since Uganda voted on February 18th? There are three kinds of possible reactions we may have attempted.

1.The surrendered

Because of the way most electoral processes were conducted, many young Ugandans were left disenfranchised. Many gave up on their vote ever making a difference. Many retreated to a “I knew it would turn out so” attitude, as a result, the general disinterest in politics and governance soared, right now, young people prefer going about their day to day than engage in matters patriotism.

2.The angry and venting

Many may have taken on to social media to vent their feelings about the electoral process and Democracy in general, every Governance effort they’ve received with suspicion, every political post they’ve re-shared with both passion and angst, they would rather use this opportunity to vent and let out their feelings on what happened.

3.The “I don’t care” This segment has been the ever-growing one; they’ve retreated to their academics, perhaps business as usual again, some have posted online preferring peace, staying away from antagonism, rightly so. But what general response should characterize us? We at CCEDU we are committed towards ensuring Uganda’s young people and women establish the right response towards matters Governance this post-election season. Because it matters. This web space will hosting content in the coming days, content that will be helpful in assessing your post-election response as we all seek to move Uganda forward, together, In spite of all.